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  • Crib Bumper Ban Passed Illinois House Again

    Apr 28, 2015/ Comments (0)

    The Illinois House passed once again a state ban on crib bumpers. Given their inherent safety, Wonder Bumpers, which are vertical crib guards, are not included in the definition ...

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  • A Sense of Family

    Feb 16, 2015/ Comments (0)

    This month I went whale watching in Hawaii, where all the humpbacks swim down from Alaska to breed in the warm, shallow waters near the islands. Everyone should experience the b ...

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  • Out with the old - In with the new!

    Dec 30, 2014/ Comments (0)

    This year was one of the best and worst years of my life. I've grown more this year than many before. Go Mama Go continues to thrive under my leadership, but without my former b ...

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  • Sale Continues Through Monday Night

    Nov 29, 2014/ Comments (0)

    We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have extended our Thanksgiving sale so you didn't miss it just because you were spending time with your family. ...

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  • From your daughter, with pride

    Nov 11, 2014/ Comments (0)

    My mother joined the US Army at the age of 40. She was the first Chaplain reprsenting her denomination, and with four hungry kids in tow, she jumped in feet first. Nothing ever ...

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  • You made a difference!

    Nov 04, 2014/ Comments (0)

    113 dangerous bumpers were sent in during this year's annual bumper drive!! Way to go everyone who participated. Not only did you make a difference in your child's life, you are ...

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  • SIDS Awareness Month

    Oct 07, 2014/ Comments (0)

    The beginning of SIDS Awareness Month coincided with a visit I had this week-end to a World War II Memorial, where the lives lost of young navy men were honored next to a Japane ...

    Georgia Fiebrich Read More

    Sep 02, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Make a change! It is time! Just do it! We are making it sooo easy for you. September is Baby Safety Month and Go Mama Go is hosting their 3rd Annual Crib Bumper Drive! And this ...

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