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    Today is my first day of coaching a team of 17 girls through Girls On The Run. Nervous? You bet! Excited? Completely! It is not only about exercise, it is about girl empowerment, courage, acceptance of self and others, celebrating differences, and so much more. Just the thought of it makes me tear up. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am a crybaby. So they will be running and I’ll be crying through tears of joy and pride as they run their first 5K in December.

    This program reminds me so much of Go Mama Go Designs, which is not only our company name, but it is a cheer, an anthem for all women, all mothers. We know and recognize the strength, tenacity, the sacrifice, and the endless amount of love and devotion mothers around the world give not just to their children, but to the people around them. I am hoping these young girls will help me as much as I help them: to continue to look for the good in people, create something that is important and meaningful and be fearless in my pursuit of it! As I start this new journey, I honor not only the mothers who will entrust me with their daughters in this program, but I acknowledge all the mothers over the past seven years who have entrusted Catherine and me with their children’s safety and security by purchasing our products. We thank you. It has been a true honor and pleasure.

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