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How to Use and Order Wonder Bumpers


Wonder Bumpers work naturally with the vertical design of any crib


How to Order

           1. Count your crib rails

                         2. Choose your colors (s)

                                         3. Order the quantity you need

                                                        4. Receive your safe and stylish crib bedding within a week!


ZIP ON- They zip in a downward motion, from top to bottom. The zipper is reverisble and is 2nd safest in the world. (Sorry, 1st safest was only necessary if climbing Mt. Everest).

ARE REVERSIBLE - Each bumper has 2 color options (one on each side). You can create a pattern or make them all one color.

FIT ALMOST ALL CRIBS - Flat or round rail; 1", 2" or 3" wide; iron or wood; short or tall. We got you covered! They stretch and compress to make any crib safe and cozy.

38 Sets - Include 38 reversible Wonder Bumpers, coordinating crib sheet, blanket, and dust ruffle.

    38 Packs - Include 38 Wonder Bumpers and made for cribs with rails all the way around the crib.

    24 Packs - Include 24 Wonder Bumpers and for cribs with a solid headboard or 2 side boards.

    2 Packs - Include 2 Wonder Bumpers, and are available to ensure you get the right number you need.

   NEW! Singles are now available to create any look you desire!

 Other Tip & Tricks
   Zip 2 together for wider slats and corners. Genius!

   Wash only 10 at a time. With an extra SPIN CYCLE, only a quick DRY CYCLE is needed. Pull insert tightly to reshape, if necessary

   Sleek design and no dangerous ties make it easy to change crib sheet - Moms' Favorite!

   Click here to order a sample!


 Plus helpful answers to common questions:

Why use Wonder Bumpers?
Wonder Bumpers are vertical crib liners that are a safe, smart alternative to traditional crib bumpers. They protect your baby while maintaining optimum air flow, inhibiting limbs from falling out and preventing any risks associated with traditional crib bedding.

Are Wonder Bumpers washable?
Yes, you can wash all of our products, they are of course for babies! :)  Please be sure to only put a handful of bumpers in the washing machine at one time.                 You do not need to remove the insert! the opening at the bottom, is made for adjustment of lining if needed.

What is the protective lining inside the Wonder Bumper?
The Wonder Bumpers are made with safety in mind! The interior is made from an open cell flexible polyurethane foam, often found in mattress padding. Flexible polyurethane foam is a recyclable product and once produced it becomes chemically inert, which means chemicals are no longer active and cannot be emitted. Nevertheless we understand any parent's concerns about the use of foam and have taken further precautions by enclosing it in a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial covering that serves as an additional barrier. Plus, you have the outer fabric to provide additional protection.

Foam is used in many ways, shapes and forms in our daily lives and in many baby items including car seats, high chairs and a multitude of other adult and baby items. We have tried to create our Wonder Bumpers using cotton batting, recycled plastic and a few other common and unique materials, but nothing compares to the durability, longevity, wash-ability and practicality of the foam. The foam allows Wonder Bumpers to stretch and compress to fit most crib rails. It also holds its shape and allows our vertical bumpers to stay snuggly wrapped around the crib rail so that there is no way of endangering your baby.

Do I ever need to remove wonder bumpers for safety reasons?
No, Wonder Bumpers provide long-lasting protection that keeps your child safe for years to come. Their sleek design allows you to keep the bumpers on as long as your baby is sleeping in her crib. What a great investment!

How do I know how many to buy?
Count the rails on your crib! The average # is 38 but cribs have anywhere from 24-48 rails depending on the model. Wonder Bumpers come in multiple options, PACKS consist of 24 or 38 reversible wonder bumpers, 38 SETS consists of 38 reversible vertical crib bumpers, a matching sheet and crib skirt. 2 Packs are offered to complete a set or pack or create a completely custom look.:  click here for more information.

How do I know if they will fit on my crib?
Wonder Bumpers are soft and stretchable. One individual bumper is 6” in width and will fit on rails 3”.  They will fit on both round and flat rails. Wonder Bumpers are also designed so you can zip 2 together for wider rails and corners. Each bumper is 24” long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails:  click here for more information.

Can I purchase just one color?
Wonder Bumpers are all reversible so you can custom create your look.  Make a pattern, show both sides or show one side and create an all solid look of cream, chocolate, pink, blue, grey or yellow!

What type of material are wonder bumpers made of?
All the fabric details are listed in the details tab on the product page.  Wonder Bumpers print sets are made with 100% cotton, the solid Packs are a super-soft, minky poly-blend material.

Are Wonder Bumpers flame retardant?
Initially, back in 2008,  we made a very small batch of bumpers flame retardant because of our understanding of the California law. Since that year we have not and do not sell ANY flame retardant Wonder Bumpers because it was determined that our product does not fall under the ruling therefore it was not necessary to make them flame retardant. Given the debate over this issue, we found it much more appealing to no longer make our Wonder Bumpers flame retardant. We no longer make them this way, nor are there any left in stock that come this way.  

Can I buy one individual bumper?
Yes!  You can purchase a sample of 1 Wonder Bumper for $5 including shipping.  You can also purchase a 2 Pack of Wonder Bumpers.  2 Packs are great option for cribs that have more rails than 24 or 38 so you can completely cover the crib: click here  or here for more information.

Do Wonder Bumpers meet all the CSPIA requirements?
All Go Mama Go Designs’ products are certified in accordance with CSPIA. Please click here to view our certificate.

Can my baby use them as leverage to climb out?
No, this is not a likely scenario. Wonder Bumpers were tested on real babies of all ages. The weight of the baby scrunches them to fall under the mattress giving them no additional height to climb out. Unlike traditional bumpers that almost provide a stepping stool.

I am worried that as my baby gets older and more curious he will try to remove them.
The Wonder Bumpers were designed with curious babies in mind. This is one of the reasons why Velcro was not an option for adherence. The way the Wonder Bumpers are put on the crib inhibits babies from removing them. The zipper zips from top to bottom, in a downward motion, where the head of the zipper falls under the mattress and is inaccessible to your baby.

Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket- Helpful answers to questions about Snug & Tug

Why swaddle?
It helps your baby sleep longer and sounder and it limits the startle reflex,which consistently wakes babies during their sleep. By recreating the warmth and security of the mother's womb, swaddling your baby helps her sleep through the night sooner and helps her become aware of your efforts to soothe her. It is also proven to reduce colic, fussiness, and encourages parents to put their baby to sleep on their back.

My daughter is already two months old, is it too later to start swaddling?
It's never too late to start, even if your baby is already 6 weeks or even up to 12 weeks old. Many mothers swaddle their baby until 6 months of age. Also, some of our best success stories stem from older babies being swaddled for the first time. If your baby is not sleeping well, you must start to swaddle her consistently and you will see a difference.

Isn't swaddling primitive?
Yes, it’s true! It is a prehistoric practice, but it works!

Aren't the babies uncomfortable? My son seems to not like being swaddled?
Newborns not only love, but crave, the security of being tightly swaddled. A lot of times, we found that parents just gave up on swaddling because their baby resisted and flailed their arms. It's an easy defeat for any tired parent but you must not give up and keep swaddling. In fact, one of our sons hated it initially but after 2 weeks of consistent swaddling, he loves it. He now knows that when he’s swaddled that it’s time to go to bed….and as parents so do we!

Swaddling seems to take too much effort, is it really worth it?
Swaddling may seem to take some extra effort in the beginning, but after a few times you'll be an expert and your baby will not only get used it, but actually enjoy it. The rewards will be well worth it!

It is likely that your newborn will come to rely on being swaddled to easily fall asleep at night, but swaddling gives your baby the comfort she needs. And it gives parents a reliable tool to help soothe their baby. As she grows older, she will become less dependent on swaddling. Around 6 months, she will have more control over her arms and legs, and will also be able to self-soothe more easily. Like most things, you and your baby will learn together when you're ready to stop swaddling, and it should be an easy, gradual process.

The blanket is so tightly wrapped around the baby, can this hurt the baby?
Absolutely not! The tighter the better...Remember, you want to recreate the womb. A properly swaddled baby, is a tightly swaddled baby. If you do not wrap the blanket tightly, it will also become loose and undermine the function of the blanket. Also, for maximum security and safety, you should swaddle the baby as tightly as possible.

How can my baby suck her fingers, if she's swaddled?
Good question! The parent has to decide how proficient the baby is at doing this. Most babies are unable to successfully suck their thumb or other finger at this young age and it does not warrant leaving an arm loose for that purpose. A newborn will be better soothed for a much longer period of time by having both arms swaddled, particularly because of the uncontrollable movement of the baby’s arms, which tend to consistently wake her throughout the night.

My baby is 6 months and still loves being swaddled. Do I wean my baby off swaddling?
No, not at all. By all means swaddle your child during daytime naps, before bedtime and when they wake in the middle of the night. As the parent, you are training your baby to realize that swaddling equals sleep. The more you swaddle your baby, the sooner he or she will realize that it’s time for sleep. Not only does swaddling keep your baby asleep longer, it plays a vital role in triggering your baby's readiness for bedtime.


Click here to read our FAQS and get more info

Click here for a video on how to install Wonder Bumpers.  See how to create all one color with the reversibility feature.









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