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Know the facts…A reported 27 accidental infant deaths have been directly attributed to crib bumper pads*.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), First Candle, Health Canada, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission do not support the use of soft, pillow-like crib bumpers.** Thus, the shelf-life of an expensive bumper is quite short-lived and parents are left with inadequate options, cold hard crib rails or a soft, unsafe, pillow-like bumper.

To provide parents with a safe alternative, Go Mama Go Designs created Wonder Bumpers. Unlike pillow-like bumpers, Wonder Bumpers’ sleek, vertical flat-pads, tightly wrap around each individual crib rail. Wonder Bumpers’ shape smartly follows the vertical design of the crib rails, enhancing the safety features already built into it. Parents can now rely on a solution to truly protect their baby from the time he/she is born until he/she is ready to move into a regular bed.

Family practitioner Carlos Prendes Jr., MD stands behind this award-winning design:
"Wonder Bumpers are a safe solution for parents who have taken the advice of their physicians regarding safety concerns with the conventional crib bumper. Wonder Bumpers can be utilized safely for the duration of the crib."

*A study issued by The Journal of Pediatrics, September 2007

**Disclaimer: Go Mama Go Designs is an independent entity and is not affiliated with the above mentioned organizations.