2017-05-18 16:01:56

Once again, an important player in consumer safety and advocacy has called for a ban on traditional crib bumpers. This time, the player is the esteemed Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product & Safety Commissioner Elliot Kaye. He released a paper by his senior science and policy advisor reminding the public about the dangers of horizontal bumpers and why they should not be used.

We appreciate Chairman Kaye's strong sentiments, but without federal regulation, misunderstanding and miscommunication remain. I don't understand why the CPSC continues to release such papers while waiting more than 10 years to take obligatory decisive action. Thus, allowing further infant deaths to occur. The CPSC is bound by law and oath to serve their nation's citizens and make hard decisions on consumer advocacy. If the CPSC Commissioner is advocating for a ban on crib bumpers, then why doesn’t he implement one???

In lieu of a federal ban, this latest paper suggests a plethora of performance requirements that seem daunting to understand even for the best compliance team. They also overlook the most important variable in crib bumper deaths: parental and infant interaction with the product. His suggestion that 'bare is best' ignores new innovations, such as vertical liners, and does not respond to the hundreds of calls we receive from frantic parents needing real protection in the crib and will pay anything to get them as fast as possible. Plus, advocating that bumpers be banned and never used, while suggesting that performance requirements be implemented is at the heart of the confusion, lack of direction and the current state-by-state ban going on because the federal government would rather stick its head in the sand, while releasing papers that feign important action..