2017-09-01 18:21:13

September is the most important month for Go Mama Go Designs. It is Baby Safety Month. I know there are a million and one ways we try to comfort and protect our babies, but for us the sleep environment is the most critical. The crib is where your baby is usually left unattended for a long time and at a time when you desperately need to rest and recover to prepare yourself for the next day. We take this critical time very seriously and work hard daily to offer you the safest crib bedding available, as well as the most comforting. We realize that we are not just providing safety and comfort, we are giving you and your baby the gift of sleep. We have heard numerous parents tell us their baby has stopped crying and started sleeping as soon as they put on our vertical crib liners. (I just received a personal Thank You card yesterday from a parent!) So in honor of baby safety, and more sleep, we are offering free samples all month long. Just click on this easy form to pick your favorite color!  http://www.gomamagodesigns.com/baby-safety-month