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October is SIDS, Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness month. An unfortunate, but important campaign to offer support and education from those parents, who have lived through it, to parents, who never should have to. The campaign also includes infant and pregnancy loss because the loss of a child is painful, no matter how it occurs. Possibly the only silver lining is that a tragedy can often serve as a lesson for those who might be listening. 

Many fatalities, once considered SIDS-related, are being properly investigated and more accurately identified as non-SIDs deaths. SIDS is no longer the first claim of why a child died. Doctors and medical examiners are now stating that such deaths were often misdiagnosed in the past; and a medical condition or a crib bumper was the culprit. For example, medical examiners working out of the Maryland Coroner’s Office, actually initiated the push to ban traditional crib bumpers becasue they were tired of seeing so many fatalities caused by traditional crib bumpers being misidentified as SIDs.

Currently, 3500 children die from SIDs annually in the United States. However, 25% of that number actually includes accidental suffocation and strangulation within the crib or bed. That is 875 infant deaths that are NOT undiagnosed. This number is also rising while reported real undiagnosed SIDs deaths are decreasing. The fact that we are getting smarter about safe sleep environments means that we are getting smarter about SIDS.  But we are NOT getting smarter about crib bumpers, if the number of crib bumper deaths has gone up while the number of SIDs deaths has gone down. Let’s not let these babies die in vain. Let’s learn the lesson. The more we uncover the truth, the less lives lost. 

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Baby Safety Month

2018-09-24 17:18:58

September is the most important month for Go Mama Go Designs. It is Baby Safety Month. I know there are a million and one ways we try to comfort and protect our babies, but for us a safe sleep environment is the most critical. The crib is where your baby is usually left unattended for a long time and at a time when you desperately need to rest and recover to prepare yourself for the next day. We take this critical time very seriously and work hard daily to offer you the safest crib bedding available with our Vertical Crib Liners. We realize that we are not just providing safety and comfort, we are giving you and your baby the gift of sleep. So in honor of the most precious little people in our lives, we are giving ten awesome items to keep your baby safe to one lucky winner! Just click on this easy form to enter! And check out these fabulous prizes to keep your baby safe.

Baby Safety Month Giveaway

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From puppy breath and wagging tails, to warm cuddles, and lots of play - we love dogs and are celebrating them, on National Dog Day! We know the important role pets play in a child’s life and we know there’s nothing like having a dog as part of the family! In fact, we love dogs so much, we’re bringing you a Puppy Inspired Nursery! Speaking of puppies, did you know that like babies - new puppies need an average of 18 hours of sleep per night?! Sign us up to snuggle all the puppies and all the babies! Okay, on to the Puppy Inspired Nursery for your little one!


Puppy Inspired Nursey


Shop the styles shown here:

            1.         Luxurious Baby Blue Liners

            2.         ED Ellen DeGeneres Doodle Dog Ceiling Mobile

            3.         Plush Shag Washable Rug - Project 62™

            4.         Cloud B Hugginz Plush Puppy Medium

           5.          Puppy Nursery Art:

            6.         Animal Adventure Dog Rocker

            7.         Grey Minky Changing Pad Cover

            8.         Décor Innovation Faux Fur Dog Square Throw Pillow in Taupe

            9.         White Minky Sheets

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It’s the 30th Edition of Discovery Channel’s, Shark Week! We couldn’t help but to join the fun and bring you a shark inspired nursery! Before diving into the Shark Nursery, did you know that baby sharks are called pups? A mother can have 1 to 100 babies, depending on the type of shark and how it procreates. With over 400 known shark specifies, scientists have discovered that there are three ways baby sharks are brought into the world! The first, is similar to birds, in that eggs are laid. The second, is that eggs hatch inside the mother. And the third way pups are born, is that they grow inside the mother (similar to humans) and then birthed. While Chief Brody of JAWS might not be the biggest fan of a shark nursery (can you blame him?) We’re LOVING IT!

shark nursery


1. Navy Minky Vertical Crib Liners

2. Luxurious Navy Minky Teething Guards

3. Sweet Jojo Designs Chevron Rug in Grey/White

4. Column Table Lamp - Pillowfort™

5. Custom Shark Sign

6. White Minky Sheet

7. Nautica Kids® Mix & Match Lifesaver Wall Décor

8. 3 Sprouts Shark Storage Bin

9. Hape High Seas Boat Rocker in White/Blue

10. Grey Minky Changing Pad Cover

11. Nautica Kids® Anchor Marquee Light in Navy

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Just wanted to say 'Thank you' to Samantha Schacher at the fun and cool Daily Blast Live. Along with William Shatner and Henry Winkler, Go Mama Go Designs was featured on their show yesterday! Schacher's Tried and True Segment highlighted the safety and protection of our vertical crib liners. Lovingly known as Wonder Bumpers (despite our new name change), Schacher uses them for own child and couldn't help but share them with the rest of world. We are big fans of the Daily Blast - I love their energy! Good luck to all at the show!

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Military Bundles

2017-12-11 22:46:33

As an Army Brat and a resident of one of the largest military cities, I have decided to create 6 different Nursery collections for our local Military families, who have a little one on the way or one who has just arrived! All the Bundles retail for over $200 but are being offered for only $50!

All Bundles include a 24 Pack of Doctor-Approved PURE SAFETY Vertical Liners and a variety of 2 matching crib sheets, blanket, diaper changing pad cover, dust ruffle, window treatments and a diaper caddy!!

We will be handing them out this Sunday, Dec. 17 from 12-4pm at our Go Mama Go Designs Headquarters at 3453 N PanAm Expressway Suite 410, San Antonio, TX 78219.

We will also be offering additional nursery necessities for Half-Off to all military families in our GoMamaGo Designs Pop-Up Shop.

Call 888.466.2621 or email to reserve your bundle today! We look forward to seeing you! Thank you for your service! Happy holidays!

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CJ First Candle

2017-07-17 20:19:56

I was personally assaulted lasted week, out of the blue, from someone I have never met, who loved my product, supposedly shared it with over 15,000 people in a mommy group, but then decided to claim I was an imposter, a liar and producing unsafe products simply because CJ First Candle (formerly known as First Candle/SIDS Alliance) cannot endorse my product. Today, I woke with a facebook message from someone angrily disappointed that my product is not safe because CJ First Candle does not endorse it (despite the fact that she loved it).
It turns out that information on the Go Mama Go Designs' web-site was being misinterpreted as a claim that CJ First Candle endorses vertical crib liners. The truth is that Alison Jacobson, who is currently the CEO of CJ First Candle, was known as the Safety Mom prior to her current position and has been a strong supporter of the Wonder Bumpers, the former name of our PURE SAFETY vertical crib liners, for many years. (See videos below). She is a well-known child safety advocate and lost her child to SIDS. Her experience, wisdom and commitment to child safety were likely the reasons she was hired as CEO. Unfortunately, in her new capacity, she cannot endorse any products. CJ First Candle cannot endorse or promote any products because it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and must remain neutral on all policies. I have worked with First Candle/ SIDS Alliance for ten years and have always been aware of their neutral stance on products. Many parents do not understand their policy, but just because they cannot endorse a product, that does not deem it unsafe.
I would hope parents can understand the delicate situation, in which Jacobson finds herself. So if asked, she will say she cannot endorse the product, but in my opinion, that does not negate the support and enthusiasm she has given our product over the years. Nor does it mean that CJ First Candle considers our products unsafe. The organization, nor Rhodes, simply cannot offer an opinion on it. But I would expect any wise parent to see the positive connection here and also review the wealth of research that has been done on this subject. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission recorded that among  the crib bumper deaths they reviewed, all of them could have been avoided had vertical liners been used.
Go Mama Go Designs is owned by four doctors, who are top leaders in their field. We also maintain an in-house pediatrician, who endorses the safety of vertical liners, which are exempt from all city and state bumper bans. Vertical crib liners introduce no safety hazards and only serve to safely provide comfort and protection. Intertek, one of the largest testing facilities in the world, proved that a crib with vertical liners maintains air flow higher than with any other bumper alternative, including mesh liners, and that carbon dioxide disperses faster with our product than any other option. The leading expert on this subject, Dr. Robert Thach from Washington University in St.Louis, and long-time supporter of a federal ban, considers vertical liners a safe alternative, as reported  in his article in the November 2016 issue of Journal of Pediatrics.
I just needed to set the record straight since I have received several nasty messages from people who ironically love my product, but do not have the courtesy or common sense to look at the overall picture, and would rather persecute someone who has worked tirelessly for over ten years to make their child's sleep environment safer and their life, as a parent, more peaceful. 


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Pioneers of this Nation

2017-06-30 16:19:27

I am enjoying the beauty of Wyoming this week and taking in the scenery of this beautiful country. In this rustic land, you can still sense the early settlers who worked so hard to make a home out of this harsh area. It reminds one of the early pioneers that not just came to America and succeeded, but the pioneers in all

areas: industry, science, politics, that are forging ahead right now. 
These people are the backbone of this great nation, and I see Go Mama Go Designs as such for the juvenile industry, We have fought hard to create and offer a safer choice in crib bedding that serves to improve and protect the lives of countless children. We have created a unique new design that serves as a  safe alternative to archaic and dangerous traditional crib bumpers. We are the future of crib bedding in this great nation and proud of it!
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Once again, an important player in consumer safety and advocacy has called for a ban on traditional crib bumpers. This time, the player is the esteemed Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product & Safety Commissioner Elliot Kaye. He released a paper by his senior science and policy advisor reminding the public about the dangers of horizontal bumpers and why they should not be used.

We appreciate Chairman Kaye's strong sentiments, but without federal regulation, misunderstanding and miscommunication remain. I don't understand why the CPSC continues to release such papers while waiting more than 10 years to take obligatory decisive action. Thus, allowing further infant deaths to occur. The CPSC is bound by law and oath to serve their nation's citizens and make hard decisions on consumer advocacy. If the CPSC Commissioner is advocating for a ban on crib bumpers, then why doesn’t he implement one???

In lieu of a federal ban, this latest paper suggests a plethora of performance requirements that seem daunting to understand even for the best compliance team. They also overlook the most important variable in crib bumper deaths: parental and infant interaction with the product. His suggestion that 'bare is best' ignores new innovations, such as vertical liners, and does not respond to the hundreds of calls we receive from frantic parents needing real protection in the crib and will pay anything to get them as fast as possible. Plus, advocating that bumpers be banned and never used, while suggesting that performance requirements be implemented is at the heart of the confusion, lack of direction and the current state-by-state ban going on because the federal government would rather stick its head in the sand, while releasing papers that feign important action..



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As a parent with young children, it's hard to make time to stay abreast of current issues involving child safety. At Go Mama Go Designs, we aim to constantly be aware of issues affecting safe sleep and the status of crib bumpers so that we can share this information with you. As of April 6th this year, Ohio banned the sale and use of traditional crib bumpers. All OHIO RESIDENTS will receive 50% off their order of Vertical Crib Liners through June 6th. Ude code: OHIOBAN50.

Additional states are soon to follow, as the federal government continues to refrain from taking leadership over a situation that has killed numerous children over the years And based on current numbers, one child dies monthly from the direct use of a traditional crib bumper. Vertical crib liners remain excluded from all city and state bans due to their safety and unique design. Read more on the current regulatory status of crib bumpers...

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