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Baby Safety Month

2017-09-01 18:21:13

September is the most important month for Go Mama Go Designs. It is Baby Safety Month. I know there are a million and one ways we try to comfort and protect our babies, but for us the sleep environment is the most critical. The crib is where your baby is usually left unattended for a long time and at a time when you desperately need to rest and recover to prepare yourself for the next day. We take this critical time very seriously and work hard daily to offer you the safest crib bedding available, as well as the most comforting. We realize that we are not just providing safety and comfort, we are giving you and your baby the gift of sleep. We have heard numerous parents tell us their baby has stopped crying and started sleeping as soon as they put on our vertical crib liners. (I just received a personal Thank You card yesterday from a parent!) So in honor of baby safety, and more sleep, we are offering free samples all month long. Just click on this easy form to pick your favorite color!

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Compromise is King

2017-02-03 17:35:00

Buyer knows best.  Well that has taken our company over six years to learn. The hard way. The intelligent, strong-willed, no-BS buyer of BabiesRUs finally got her way…and I believe she is right on the money. In just a few months, BabiesRUs will be carrying an exclusive collection that we created exactly how they wanted. It is everything we fought against for years and finally compromised on. Thank God we did because I got a good feeling about it!

 So what did we do? Whatever they asked – ha! Which was:

Offer a Vertical Crib Liner that is NOT reversible – so if you want grey, you get grey. You don’t have to be forced to buy grey with another color you might not want at all. So they are carrying all navy blue, all aqua mint, all grey, all pink and all white in the most luxurious minky you have ever seen and felt. You will want to crawl in the crib just to cozy up to these bad boys! You can still mix and match, but now you can do with the exact color you want!

What else?? We changed our packaging….again. And that is again from the last time she asked us to change it two years ago. And that was after she asked us to change it four years ago. But guess what we nailed it this time!!! It only took a freakin’ half a decade!

And the big one!!! The name of our product. No big deal…just a major stab in the heart, quantum feeling set-back. BabiesRUs did not want the word bumper in our name and on our packaging. So goodbye Wonder Bumpers – hello PURE SAFETY Vertical Crib Liners! That change was the HARDEST! But you know what will take all the pain away!! Seeing our product in all BabiesRUs stores by the end of the year and knowing they are going to thousands of homes to keep babies safe and comforted.

This experience has been a great lesson in compromise on all levels. I wish it hadn’t taken this long, but sometimes it has to. I think the world is ready for us now and we are, too!



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Guts, Guidance & Gurus

2016-09-29 03:42:41

I'm a risk taker. I sky dive, scuba with sharks, left a great career to start my own company, and used to love gambling. I admit I often don't wear a helmet when I bike, I don't wear my seatbelt when driving around the neighborhood, and always lived by the creed," God made dirt, dirt don't hurt." However, there is a  much stronger feeling that trumps any adrenalin rush and that is peace of mind.

So in the remaining days of Baby Safety Month I wanted to say that if you don't care your child eats off the floor, crawls around airports or sleeps with a blanket that should or should not be in the crib, then that is okay by me. If it doesn't affect your peace of mind, then I would let that be your guidance - and not what other parents think or say. If you have peace of mind leaving your baby in a bare crib, I get it. But if you want to offer her comfort and protection and can't sleep unless you put safe, vertical bumpers on the crib, then let that motivate you.

As parents, we are the perfect decision makers for our children, but it is still a wonderful thing that there are organizations and other people in this world, who dedicate their careers, and basically their lives, to protecting our children. So from one risk-taking mom, who usually does it her way, I still say thank you. I particularly would like to thank Dr. Bradey Thach of Washington University, Nancy Cowles of KIDs In Danger, and Alison Jacobson, CEO of First Candle, all leaders in the field of child safety, for their leadership and expertise.

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For Tired Parents Only!

2016-04-29 18:46:53

If your child isn't at least 4 months old, it's not time for the 'cry it out' method or alternative 'no tears' sleep training approaches. This is because babies younger than 4 to 6 months aren't capable to stay asleep through the night. What is more, they can't stay asleep for 5 hours straight and much less 8 hours or longer. Until the age of 4 to 6 months, babies should be allowed to establish their own sleep pattern. This, however, doesn't mean you can't start introducing measures to help your child develop good sleep habits. Also, they will make sleep training later on a lot easier.

Tips for Early Sleep Training

Remember that you won't be really sleep training your child until the age of 4 to 6 months. The tips for early sleep training below are rather steps you can take to encourage 'normal' sleep habits. You can start with these measures at about the age of 6 weeks.

- Allow your baby to learn to self-soothe. If you want your baby to learn to fall asleep on their own, it is of utmost importance for them to learn to self-soothe. So don't rock or pat your child to sleep and don't immediately pick them up when they wake up in the night. Instead, put your child to the crib when tired but still awake. Also, wait a minute or two before comforting them back to sleep.

- Swaddle your baby. try one of our Snug & Tug Swaddling Blankets, if you don't have one already. Swaddling recreates that womb-like environment babies are used to.

- Learn to recognize different types of cries. Baby crying doesn't always mean 'feed me'. It can also mean discomfort (e.g. wet diaper, too hot, etc.), tiredness, pain, loneliness,... So don't feed your child at every cry because they may develop dependence on food to fall asleep. Wait a few moments and try to decode the meaning of the cry. You will eventually learn to tell the difference between 'I'm hungry' cry and other kinds of cries.

- Watch for signs of sleepiness. Though you may feel tempted to keep your child awake, hoping they will fall asleep easier and stay asleep for a longer period of time, don't. First, it is of utmost importance for your baby to get enough sleep and second, if too tired, they may have difficulties falling asleep. When your baby shows signs of sleepiness, put them asleep. Some of the most common signs include rubbing eyes, yawning, crankiness and crying.

- Establish a bedtime routine. Over time, your child will begin to associate a bath, book reading or similar routine activity with bedtime which in turn will help you create a 'normal' sleep schedule. Just make sure that your baby enjoys the bedtime routine - but not too much because over-stimulation can lead to difficulties falling asleep. Choose something relaxing and calming, and start the same bedtime routine about the same time every evening.

- Show your child that nighttime is for sleeping. During the first weeks, prepare to be awaken by your baby every night. A lot! Fortunately, the nighttime awakenings will gradually decrease. But until they do, show your child that the night is for sleeping. Keep the lights low and avoid too much interaction including talking, playing and other types of daytime activities.

Please remember that every child is different. Some are ready to be sleep trained earlier, while others need more time to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep for at least 5 hours straight. If you aren't sure whether your baby is ready or if you have any concerns about sleep training, talk to your doctor. And the last but not the least important, make sure to create a safe and comfortable sleep environment. 

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To Suck or Not Suck?

2016-04-13 16:08:04

For most parents (and their babies), pacifier is much more than just a plastic or rubber nipple.
It has been shown to have a very soothing effect for babies and is often used to calm a crying child,
help them fall asleep, provide a distraction,... Research has also shown that it may reduce the risk of
sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS although it is not yet clear how. The scientists who investigated
the issue suggest that babies sleeping with pacifiers are less likely to turn with their faces down in the
mattress. And while most experts generally have nothing against pacifiers, they recommend parents to
limit their use by the age of 2 and take it away completely by the age of 4 years. Dental Problems and Other 'Perils' of Pacifiers Increased risk of dental problems is the main drawback of pacifiers. But only in case of prolonged use.
Children who are weaned off early enough usually don't have any problems with their teeth such as
open bite for instance. In addition to dental problems (if used beyond the age of 4), pacifiers have also
been linked to increased risk of ear infections, while early introduction can make it difficult to breast-feed.
Nevertheless, there aren't any major reservations about their use but only if following the guidelines for
safe use and limiting/eliminating them within the recommended time. This, however, is easier said than done. Tips and Tricks on Limiting/Eliminating the Pacifier Use Children react very differently to being asked to give up their beloved pacifier or at least limit its use.
But if some don't complain about it much, the majority tend to protest. Sometimes quite intensely.
To make it easier on them and their children, parents therefore use all kinds of strategies, often with
varying success. Some of the most popular methods include: - Simply take it away. This method is said to work best if the pacifier is taken away early - usually before
the age of 1 year. It may work for older children too but there can be a lot of power struggles before the
child finally accepts the new reality. - Gradual weaning. To make it less traumatic and stressful, many parents decide to gradually reduce
the use of pacifier before finally eliminating it. - Make it taste bad. It's just what it sounds like. The idea is to trick the child to give it up on their own. - Suggest an exchange for a super cool toy, a fun trip or something else. Again, the child gives it up voluntarily. - Use the Binky Fairy story. She's exactly the same as the Tooth Fairy with the difference that she collects binkies. There are also many other ways to help your child limit or eliminate the pacifier use.
Whichever you choose, you are highly recommended to stick to it. Also, let grandparents, babysitters
and daycare providers know about your decision to wean your child off the pacifier.

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Chrissy Teigen Cravings

2016-03-24 19:11:55

Cravings, most of have them while pregnant. Whether it’s chicken and waffles, pizza, or just a bowl of good ol’ vanilla ice cream (with pickles??), we all have a favorite dish or item that we crave while preggos.

But what causes those cravings? Could it be a childhood memory that we hold on to? Maybe we are addicted to certain types of foods and not even realize it? With Valentine’s Day past us and Easter around the corner, there is one thing that is all over the shelves at your local grocery store: CHOCOLATE! Being a chocolate addict myself, I wonder if it is beneficial to our health; so we did some research.

Some of us tend to rely on chocolate and sweets for comfort food. High levels of stress make women AND men crave chocolate, since increasing serotonin levels lead to significant reductions in anxiety. It is chosen by emotional eaters, since consuming it can raise serotonin levels and help comfort eaters forget about their emotional problems, low self-esteem or mildly depressed mood.

Chocolate contains fat, caffeine, and sugar so when our blood levels are down; a piece of chocolate is the perfect fix. Sometimes women have low levels of Magnesium and that is when our body starts to crave chocolate. Similarly, a craving for red meat seems like a transparent cry for protein.

Nutritionists and healthcare practitioners believe that certain cravings are meaningful. For example, cravings for ice have been linked to an iron deficiency - even though none of those items contain significant amounts of iron. A number of the moms have consumed large quantities of ice, which they had never craved before, during their pregnancies.

Studies have shown no link between cravings and nutritional requirements but if people craved what the body needs, we would all eat more greens and less chocolate. So at the end of the day, if you’re craving a cheese wiz sandwich or pickles and ice cream, go for it!

The staff at Go Mama Go Designs are huge fans of Chrissy Tiegen’s new cook book, Cravings, and many of us are enjoying the recipes even without a bun in the oven. “Cravings” is full of DELICIOUS recipes such as the Hawaiian pizza, Jalapeno poppers and Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. You will not be disappointed!

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Don't cry it out!

2015-08-25 18:39:29

Many parents heavily weigh the pros and cons of letting their baby cry it out ,as if they are making a deal with the devil for one more second of sleep. Yes, I mean seconds! Not minutes, not hours. But just one more crucial second to lay your head and close your eyes and not run (or crawl) back to the crib to see what is wrong now.

Fear no more - The Sleep Lady, aka Kim West, who is our resident expert and go-to guru for helping the whole family sleep can help! Not only does Kim take a practrical approach to dealing with anything related to you and your baby's sleep routine - she does it in a simple, calming manner that brings tranquility, humor and tenacity to the whole experinece. The Sleep Lady and her skilled team of coaches can help you rise above the chaotic, delirious angst of sleep deprivation to a place of empowerment, patience and reachable goals.

Don't forget to swaddle your newborn too with our Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket - swaddled babies sleep twice as long! And no more midnight cries from bumps and bruises when you provide a safe, comforting sleep environment with Wonder Bumpers.

Check out her website for a good night's sleep -




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The Illinois House passed once again a state ban on crib bumpers. Given their inherent safety, Wonder Bumpers, which are vertical crib guards, are not included in the definition and are excluded from the ban. Representative Emily McAsey, as a champion of consumer protection and child safety, continues to sponsor this bill. The bill must go to the Senate now, where it failed to receive the required votes last year.

Oppostion from organizations like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which feigns safety advocacy, have led the fight against the bill becoming state law. They claim that parents will resort to unsafe practices without the option of traditional crib bumpers. That argument is weak given the availability of other options like the Wonder Bumpers, which have been medically tested and deemed safe and are completely void of the dangers presented by horizontal bumpers: ties, sagginess or looseness, blocked air ways, etc. Even mesh liners can pose a problem, if a child can get their neck or head stuck between the liner and the crib.

Far more deaths have been linked to crib bumpers than drop side cribs, which were federally banned several years ago. Maryland passed their own state ban in 2012, after the Coroner's Office saw too many infants dying from crib bumpers.

As can be seen in the picture presented, the loss of this child was mistakenly identified as SIDS. Over 2000 infants die in the US due to SIDS, but many medical examiners say that SIDS related deaths can be prevented and are often "accidental suffocation.'

Go Mama Go designs applauds Representative McAsey's courage and tenacity to take on this issue, make a change and save babies' lives.

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Happy Father's Day

2015-03-26 19:23:46

Well, it's GO DADDY GO this week-end! And what better way than to honor him by giving him a super cool, super simple Daddy Caddy!  This is a man purse meets fanny pack in a sexy, sophisticated package...well as sexy as diaper changing goes that is. Let's just stop making Dad carry the big ol' flowered diaper bag.

And I am just thrilled to offer something for the Dads this time around. We are offering a FREE GIVE AWAY, too for the next 36 hours! Let him carry the baby, not all their stuff.

Dads -  your strong, steady, relaible presence and support are always felt and appreciated. You may do things differently, in your own way, but we know there is no lack of trying, no lack of love...I celebrate all that you are!

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This year was one of the best and worst years of my life. I've grown more this year than many before. Go Mama Go continues to thrive under my leadership, but without my former business partner and best friend of 10 years. I also had to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees and expend endless hours in court to protect myself and the company this year from sabotage. It was extremely hard on my marriage, but my husband was dutifully supportive and loyal; and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

Many of you might have had a similar year, having a baby for the first time is incredibly hard and exhausting but is often the sweetest time of your life, looking back. That first year of parenting can be daunting and you wonder how you ever did it. But then you have another child - and one child seemed so easy in retrospect.

Like all first-time parents, I had to rise to the occasion. Instead of being afraid, I decided to tackle real fear in the the face by sky-diving not once, but twice and learned to scuba dive where in my first free dive I ran into a shark.  A challenge now is nothing more that a new way to learn, a divine gift to receive and grow from. Most importantly, by looking inward for strength I have found an unwavering reliability on the invinsibile spirit that lies within me and surrounds me at all times. I believe in my gut and no longer question my intuition.

We are all dealing with "new normals" - a new child, a career change or a divorce; but these changes help us grow, where we can claim what we really want and how we want to live our lives. Change wakes us up and often reminds us that we can do much better and be much more than we currently are. So my friends, I wish you lots of changes, challenges and choices in 2015 so you you can expand, learn and shed old skin. Happy New Year!

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