SHARK WEEK: A Shark Inspired Nursery

SHARK WEEK: A Shark Inspired Nursery

It’s the 30th Edition of Discovery Channel’s, Shark Week! We couldn’t help but to join the fun and bring you a shark inspired nursery! Before diving into the Shark Nursery, did you know that baby sharks are called pups? A mother can have 1 to 100 babies, depending on the type of shark and how it procreates. With over 400 known shark specifies, scientists have discovered that there are three ways baby sharks are brought into the world! The first, is similar to birds, in that eggs are laid. The second, is that eggs hatch inside the mother. And the third way pups are born, is that they grow inside the mother (similar to humans) and then birthed. While Chief Brody of JAWS might not be the biggest fan of a shark nursery (can you blame him?) We’re LOVING IT!

shark nursery


1. Navy Minky Vertical Crib Liners

2. Luxurious Navy Minky Teething Guards

3. Sweet Jojo Designs Chevron Rug in Grey/White

4. Column Table Lamp - Pillowfort™

5. Custom Shark Sign

6. White Minky Sheet

7. Nautica Kids® Mix & Match Lifesaver Wall Décor

8. 3 Sprouts Shark Storage Bin

9. Hape High Seas Boat Rocker in White/Blue

10. Grey Minky Changing Pad Cover

11. Nautica Kids® Anchor Marquee Light in Navy