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CJ First Candle
I was personally assaulted lasted week, out of the blue, from someone I have never met, who loved my product, supposedly shared it with over 15,000 people in a mommy group, but then decided to claim I was an imposter, a liar and producing unsafe products simply because CJ First Candle (formerly known as First Candle/SIDS Alliance) cannot endorse my product. Today, I woke with a facebook message from someone angrily disappointed that my product is not safe because CJ First Candle does not endorse it (despite the fact that she loved it).
It turns out that information on the Go Mama Go Designs' web-site was being misinterpreted as a claim that CJ First Candle endorses vertical crib liners. The truth is that Alison Jacobson, who is currently the CEO of CJ First Candle, was known as the Safety Mom prior to her current position and has been a strong supporter of the Wonder Bumpers, the former name of our PURE SAFETY vertical crib liners, for many years. (See videos below). She is a well-known child safety advocate and lost her child to SIDS. Her experience, wisdom and commitment to child safety were likely the reasons she was hired as CEO. Unfortunately, in her new capacity, she cannot endorse any products. CJ First Candle cannot endorse or promote any products because it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and must remain neutral on all policies. I have worked with First Candle/ SIDS Alliance for ten years and have always been aware of their neutral stance on products. Many parents do not understand their policy, but just because they cannot endorse a product, that does not deem it unsafe.
I would hope parents can understand the delicate situation, in which Jacobson finds herself. So if asked, she will say she cannot endorse the product, but in my opinion, that does not negate the support and enthusiasm she has given our product over the years. Nor does it mean that CJ First Candle considers our products unsafe. The organization, nor Rhodes, simply cannot offer an opinion on it. But I would expect any wise parent to see the positive connection here and also review the wealth of research that has been done on this subject. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission recorded that among  the crib bumper deaths they reviewed, all of them could have been avoided had vertical liners been used.
Go Mama Go Designs is owned by four doctors, who are top leaders in their field. We also maintain an in-house pediatrician, who endorses the safety of vertical liners, which are exempt from all city and state bumper bans. Vertical crib liners introduce no safety hazards and only serve to safely provide comfort and protection. Intertek, one of the largest testing facilities in the world, proved that a crib with vertical liners maintains air flow higher than with any other bumper alternative, including mesh liners, and that carbon dioxide disperses faster with our product than any other option. The leading expert on this subject, Dr. Robert Thach from Washington University in St.Louis, and long-time supporter of a federal ban, considers vertical liners a safe alternative, as reported  in his article in the November 2016 issue of Journal of Pediatrics.
I just needed to set the record straight since I have received several nasty messages from people who ironically love my product, but do not have the courtesy or common sense to look at the overall picture, and would rather persecute someone who has worked tirelessly for over ten years to make their child's sleep environment safer and their life, as a parent, more peaceful.