Congressional Push For Federal Ban on Crib Bumpers - Doctor Approved Wonder Bumpers Prove Safe Option

Congressional Push For Federal Ban on Crib Bumpers - Doctor Approved Wonder Bumpers Prove Safe Option

A bipartisan effort out of Ohio is determined to stop the sale of crib bumper pads and aims to secure federal support to thwart needless deaths caused by traditional or horizontal crib bumpers. U.S. Reps. Joyce Beatty, Steve Stivers and Pat Tiberi have already reached out to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has been conducting an investigation of the suffocation risk posed by bumper pads. Suffocation is the number one cause of accidental death of children under the age of one.

For years, infant deaths went unexplained and often identified as SIDS; but as state medical examiners have looked closer at the death records, they realize that traditional crib bumpers could have been the cause.

Pediatrician Dr. Melinda Holliday, who has been following this issue for many years, says that safe alternatives are out there for parents needing to make their child’s sleep environment more comforting. “Vertical rail guards (also known as Wonder Bumpers) have been proven safe and offer the comfort and protection children need. They provide optimal air-flow, there is no suffocation risk and you are getting comfort and protection that many infants need and crave for their sleep environment.”

Dr. Holliday argues, “We are making strides in removing formerly dangerous bumpers, but that does not mean there cannot be a safe, better option. It does not have to be an all or nothing approach anymore.It’s the horizontal nature, the reliance on strings or ties and the lack of structure (thick or thin) of a traditional bumper that makes them dangerous.”

Go Mama Go Designs concurs. We have the right to innovate as an industry. We are offering a safe option that truly protects and comforts children while they sleep. Our product has been tested by multiple doctors as well as by Intertek, the premiere testing facility for children’s products in the world. Their research proved that airflow within the crib remains the same even with Wonder Bumpers on it, plus they inhibit limbs from falling out, prevent facial or bodily injury, and provide a comforting sleep environment for your baby. They help create the ideal sleep environment.