Crib Bumper Ban Passed Illinois House Again

Crib Bumper Ban Passed Illinois House Again

The Illinois House passed once again a state ban on crib bumpers. Given their inherent safety, Wonder Bumpers, which are vertical crib guards, are not included in the definition and are excluded from the ban. Representative Emily McAsey, as a champion of consumer protection and child safety, continues to sponsor this bill. The bill must go to the Senate now, where it failed to receive the required votes last year.

Oppostion from organizations like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which feigns safety advocacy, have led the fight against the bill becoming state law. They claim that parents will resort to unsafe practices without the option of traditional crib bumpers. That argument is weak given the availability of other options like the Wonder Bumpers, which have been medically tested and deemed safe and are completely void of the dangers presented by horizontal bumpers: ties, sagginess or looseness, blocked air ways, etc. Even mesh liners can pose a problem, if a child can get their neck or head stuck between the liner and the crib.

Far more deaths have been linked to crib bumpers than drop side cribs, which were federally banned several years ago. Maryland passed their own state ban in 2012, after the Coroner's Office saw too many infants dying from crib bumpers.

As can be seen in the picture presented, the loss of this child was mistakenly identified as SIDS. Over 2000 infants die in the US due to SIDS, but many medical examiners say that SIDS related deaths can be prevented and are often "accidental suffocation.'

Go Mama Go designs applauds Representative McAsey's courage and tenacity to take on this issue, make a change and save babies' lives.