Free Snug & Tug All May Long

Free Snug & Tug All May Long

Recently a friend told me that after trying a few of the other swaddling blankets she received, she tried our Snug & Tug swaddling blanket. She said it was by far the best and only one that worked! Her words reminded me of how great a swaddling blanket it really is. It is the reason I founded the company. All the other swaddling blankets had failed me and I believed I could make a better one. I knew how important swaddling was after reading Dr, Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block. If you haven’t read it and you’re pregnant or have a newborn – it is a must! And I needed sleep!!!!I

So the Snug and Tug swaddling blanket was patented and created…and so was Go Mama Go Designs! Holy moly – I had no idea what I was getting into! The Snug & Tug blanket was designed with style and strength! It won numerous awards, given its amazing features that truly set it apart. It was also picked up by Target’s Parent Inventors’ Program! Whoa, was I heading to the big leagues fast.

The triangular design is the ideal shape- it can be used anywhere, anytime and doesn't require a lot of space. It’s breathable, stretchable super soft jersey cotton is the perfect material. The sturdy velcro is the clincher and so is the invisible slit that allows you to embrace your baby from both sides and truly recreate the feeling of her being held. The tighter the better...Remember, you want to recreate the womb. A properly swaddled baby, is a tightly swaddled baby. If you do not wrap the blanket tightly, it can undermine the function and security of the blanket.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep longer and deeper and limits the startle reflex, which can wake babies during their sleep. By recreating the warmth and security of the mother's womb, swaddling your baby helps her sleep through the night sooner and helps her become aware of your efforts to soothe her. It is also proven to reduce colic, fussiness, and encourages parents to put their baby to sleep on their back.

Newborns not only love, but crave, the security of being tightly swaddled. A lot of times, we find that parents give up on swaddling because their baby resists and flails their arms. It's an easy defeat for any tired parent but you must not give up and keep swaddling. In fact, my son disliked it initially but after 2 weeks of consistent swaddling, he loved it. He learned that swaddling meant it was time to go to sleep.

Swaddling may take extra effort in the beginning, but after a few times you'll be an expert and your baby will not only get used it, but actually enjoy it. The rewards will be well worth it! It is likely that your newborn will come to rely on being swaddled to easily fall asleep at night, but swaddling gives your baby the comfort she needs. And it gives parents a reliable tool to help soothe their baby. As she grows older, she will become less dependent on swaddling.

It's never too late to start, even if your baby is already weeks old. Many mothers swaddle their baby until 6 months of age. Also, some of our best success stories stem from older babies being swaddled for the first time. If your baby is not sleeping well, try swaddling her consistently and you will see a difference! Enjoy!