FDA Disclaimer

Dear Valued Customers,

We want you to know Go Mama Go Designs respects and values the relationship we have with you, our customer. Our products are designed with one thought in mind: baby safety. Our goal is for families who purchase Go Mama Go Designs’ products to have detailed information that allow them to make informed decisions about the purpose of our products.

We want to provide you with pertinent details about some of the items we have designed and marketed. We want to ensure the families who purchase products from Go Mama Go Designs have current data so they are able to make informed decisions for themselves and their infants. Two items Go Mama Go Designs produces, Vertical Crib Liners and Snug & Tug, are not medical devices. These products are designed to ensure your child is safe and comfortable, but neither of these items should be used as medical devices, nor should they be thought of as being medical devices. Vertical crib liners and Snug & Tug should not be thought of as items to be used in the cure, mitigation, or prevention of diseases, as they are not suitable for those purposes. Finally, these products are not intended to affect either the structure or the function of the body.

Any prior references by Go Mama Go Designs in sales literature or web-based literature that relate to baby safety,  infant mattress or “infant sleep positioners” preventing, reducing, or mitigating the possibility of S.I.D.S.1 cannot be guaranteed and should be disregarded. The causes of S.I.D.S. are not known. Additionally, U.S. Food and Drug Administration has never cleared or approved any devices to prevent or reduce the risk of either S.I.D.S.

Although items such as our Veertical Crib Liners and Snug & Tug provide numerous benefits to an infant, Go Mama Go Designs is unable to guarantee these products will prevent or reduce the risk of S.I.D.S. There is research indicating the safest sleep environment for infants is for them to be placed on their backs in a crib free from pillows, toys, or other objects. 2

Our patented PURE SAFETY Vertical Crib Liners, a product of Go Mama Go Designs, are specifically designed to maintain optimum air flow in a crib, which is another important factor when creating a safe sleep environment for your infant. However, as previously stated, Go Mama Go Designs cannot affirm use of this product will prevent or reduce the risks of S.I.D.S.

We deeply care about parents and children - baby safety is our priority. We take every possible step to make certain every item we market is safe, durable, and comfortable.

Thank you,
Georgia Fiebrich
Founder of Go Mama Go Designs, LLC

1 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
2 For more information, see www.nichd.nih.gov/publications/pubs/safe_sleep_gen.cfm, which contains literature from the National Institutes of Health.