Why Vertical Crib Liners Are Best


Cover the full length of your crib rails, thus protecting your baby’s head, face and body at all stages of growth -- uniquely fulfilling the true purpose of a crib bumper alternative.

Keep limbs gently inside the crib by reducing the gap slightly among crib rails.

Maintain an optimum level of airflow nearly equal to that of bare crib by mimicking crib’s natural design. Quick CO2 dispersal rate in crib proves high level of ventilation. Vertical liners on a crib is analogous to having nothing on it at all.

Remove every fatal mechanism caused by traditional/mesh bumpers: suffocation, entrapment and strangulation.

Prevent babies from entrapment due to their impenetrable design. Infants cannot manipulate the fit, structure, tightness or shape of vertical liners despite how much they root, move, push or crawl. This attribute is life-changing. Horizontal bumpers (mesh or padded) cannot offer this guarantee.

Eliminate risk of suffocation caused by traditional bumpers that dangerously expose babies to 100% continuous surface area.

Uniquely offer a non-continuous, convex design that limits any surface area from simutaneously obstructing a baby's mouth and nose.

Tightly zip around each rail, thus dismissing any arguments on length or strength of dangerous horizontal bumper ties.

Provide optimum, consistent amount of 3/8“ (less than 1 cm (9,5mm)) high-density foam padding to ensure prope protection without unnecessary padding.

Eliminate confusing and senseless arguments regarding efficacy or dangers of pillow-like, fluffy bumpers versus thin, sagging bumpers.

Recognized in Journal of Pediatrics (11/15) “… seem to mitigate some of the problems found with traditional crib bumpers. Vertical bumpers tightly wrap each slat individually, allowing for airflow, and also reduce the likelihood of slat entrapment and climb outs.”


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