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Why Vertical Crib Liners Are Best

Vertical liners are made with safety in mind! The interior is made from an open cell flexible polyurethane foam, often found in mattress padding. Flexible polyurethane foam is a recyclable product and once produced it becomes chemically inert, which means chemicals are no longer active and cannot be emitted. Nevertheless we understand any parent's concerns about the use of foam and have taken further precautions by enclosing it in a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial covering that serves as an additional barrier. Plus, you have the outer fabric to provide additional protection.

Foam is used in many ways, shapes and forms in our daily lives and in many baby items including car seats, high chairs and a multitude of other adult and baby items. We have tried to create our liners
using cotton batting, recycled plastic and a few other common and unique materials, but nothing compares to the durability, longevity, wash-ability and practicality of the foam. The foam allows our Vertical crib liners to stretch and compress to fit most crib rails. It also holds its shape and allows our vertical bumpers to stay snuggly wrapped around the crib rail so that there is no way of endangering your baby.

You never need to remove PURE SAFETY Vertical liners for safety reasons. They provide long-lasting protection that keeps your child safe for years to come. Their sleek design allows you to keep the liners on as long as your baby is sleeping in her crib. What a great investment!

We have done all the math for you. Just count the rails on your crib! The average # is 38 but cribs have anywhere from 24-42 rails depending on the model. Our PURE SAFETY vertical liners come in multiple options, PACKS consist of 2, 24 or 38 liners.

Our patented vertical liners are soft and stretchable. One individual liner is 6” in width and will fit on rails, round or flat, 3” wide or up to 6".  They will fit on both round and flat rails. Vertical Liners are also designed so you can zip 2 together for wider rails and corners. Each liner is 24” long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails.

Pure Safety liners are easy to wash! You do not need to remove the insert. The opening at the bottom is made for adjusting the inner liner, if needed. It is best to wash your liners in two seperate loads to avoid them getting tangled up togther in the washing machine. Just wash on delicate and tumble dry low. again,open the bottom insert to readjust inner liner.

We have the only Doctor-Approved liner that is soft and comforting and the only option available in 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Cotton or Luxurious Minky. Yo do not have to sacrifice style for safety. 

All Go Mama Go Designs’ products are certified in accordance with CSPIA