What Our Customers Are Saying



It's super soft and nice! Baby loves it :) I just wish it was waterproof. Our color of choice was cream. -Valeria


I ordered the all grey teething guard together with the 38 pack all grey package and I am so happy! I have peace of mind now for my baby, and the crib looks beautiful. Expensive but really worth it, I would buy it again! -Alba


This is a great invention! Once my daughter was able to stand in the crib, she would always bump her chin on the rail. With these soft teething guards, it prevented her from obviously chewing on the rail as well as hitting her chin every time! -Lana


They are amazingly soft and stay secured in place so my little isn't damaging the crib railing! -HEATHER


My son has decided that he likes to chew on the crib. We bought these to help stop it. They are easy to clean and they have stopped him from putting teeth marks on the crib! We have found them easy to put on and take off (for us-not him) so that once he drools all over them we can clean them easily. Absolutely recommend these. -Sarah


This product is perfect for my baby girl. She is 7 months old, and she is trying to chew on everything, ever since she is starting to grow her teeth. Even though she cannot stand yet, however, she could use her hands to hold on the crib liners to make her standing and chew on the crib wooden. Luckily, I already purchased and put on the teething guards on top of the crib. The crib looks nicer and my baby could not directly chew on the crib with her teeth. The teething guards is pretty and soft. So, she is not hurting her teeth while chewing. I love it! Thank you for saving my baby's teeth!  -Jia


This beautiful color is wonderful for my baby girl. My little princess loves them very much. I feel safe after I put them on the crib. Because my baby girl has lots of energy, she loves to flick over and bounces everywhere, and the metal crib is totally not safe for her; it could injure her or make her not able to breath. Now the soft vertical liners prevent her to get hurt, and I, as a daddy, could sleep at night peacefully. Thank you Go Mama Go designs! -WG


I just received this changing pad cover and i love it. The quality is superb and the color is beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing more products from the site. Thanks! -Amy


Well.. like most babies, my baby also has managed to bump her head on the crib rails one too many times and even though she cries a lot when this happens the doctor feels that the old style crib liners should not be used so I decided to give these liners a shot and voila! No more tears and no more need to be worried about safety of the regular liners. They are a little on the pricey side as they were $10 for two of them, however, I plan to purchase the rest of them to cover the sides my baby bumps her head on. What a great idea! -SG 


Soft, padded, and stylish!

There are a lot of teething guards in the market place but the minute i looked at these, i said this was it (actually i did buy a teething guard for the long rail at toys r us - made out of fleece - and it doesn't even compare to these). Here, I bought the Grey and Yellow reversible Minky Teething Guards which matches with the room decor ... i can mix and match. The fabric is soft, plush and well padded. It has a minky finish and it looks so cute and stylish on my babies' crib! We are very happy with this product. I would buy it again! Also, the customer service is great - had to call for a product comparison, and they were very helpful and full of suggestions. -Olgerta



Beautiful colors, Neat packaging, easy to put on.

I just got these Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners. I love them. I got different colors i got Fuschia and White. The colors are bright and beautiful. The packaging is also great. The crib liners come in a plastic storage back that closes with a zipper and has a carrying strap. Its nice to have something to put the crib liners back in nicely. You never know when you are someone you know may need to use them. The crib liners are very soft and smooth. Very easy to put on the crib bars. All you do is put one liner on a bar and zip it up. This is a perfect product to protect your little bundle of joy from the hard crib bars. I would and i have recommended these Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners to everyone that would listen. -BRITTANY


My baby has decided to chew on his crib and I needed to find a safe way to stop him. I looked high and low for an organic product and finally found these. Although white was not available, the ivory color is not bad at all. The guards tie on and are very sturdy. The only complaint is the foam insert, I'd prefer a more organic product but this is as good as it's gonna get. I'm looking forward to purchasing more products! 


Just installed these vertical liners and they are not only the safest but they’re the softest the best looking you’ll find. We did a lot of research- we weren’t comfortable with the traditional style bumper or the mesh liners- we found these and are so happy with the product. Next we will get the teething guard to match! -Ol 


I absolutely love these liners! I was looking for an all cotton liner because I think they look nicer so these were perfect for me. Also, they were so easy to wash and use. They did not scrunch up after I washed and dried them. (My friend's liner scrunched up and it took forever to put put it back together.) They zipped down very easily. Good quality, easy to use..I would highly recommend these liners! -J


I got all the set of vertical crib liners and railing protection for both my infant and my toddler and I’m very happy with it. When my infant tries to get up and bangs his head Against the bars of the crib, or when my toddler wakes up in a bad mood or has a nightmare and also bangs his head against the bars, I don’t overly worry anymore. They don’t even cry anymore. I’m really happy with this purchase and would purchase again, now I cannot even fathom a crib without them. -Happy Customer


I ordered this product threw Walmart.ca and there wasn't any review. I was sceptical about it at first but I decided to give it a try. It is the best purchase that I have done. The product is so well thought and soft. The padding is perfect. Enough to prevent injuries for my little angel and not too much that it could be a safety hazard regarding the breathability. I am so satisfy and totally recommend to anyone. Yes it is a little but more expensive than the regular bumpers pads but this product is safer and really practicle. -Katherine


The vertical crib liners are wonderful! Not only do I love the safety measure of them knowing that my child is safe I think they make the crib look super cute and trendy. Knowing that my child can breathe comfortably while napping and sleeping at night makes me that much more relaxed. I would definitely recommend your products! -MB


My son was nervous to sit after he'd just learned to stand. He would lock out his knees and wail. With these he learned to quickly sit because he felt safe and didn't hit his head on the bars."- Happy Customer Teal



We originally bought the standard bumper from Pottery Barn Kids but was told to return it for these crib liners instead, we love them and the white is perfect to match any room! -Jessica


"These took time to (easily) install on each crib rail. So very soft!!! They quickly drew the attention of my little one who slobbered and pulled on them out of curiosity. They stayed on the rails until I took them off to wash them and they stayed just as soft! Definitely a better alternative to other mesh products!"-LMOM29


"This product is the best. I bought it for my grandchild and you can really rest easy that there won't be any bumps or bruises on your baby. It is safe."- Elizabeth La Rosa


"I bought this because my baby is teething and this has help him a lot. He is no longer biting the crib."-Liz L


"I bought these for my God son recently. We’ve learned that the old style crib bumpers are a no no for children now a days so we found these and it’s so awesome. It really cushions his crib bars so he can’t hurt himself. Plus the colors are amazing, matching his crib set perfectly."-KARI1990


We had trouble with my daughters limbs getting stuck in between the bars of the crib and also with her hitting her head while rolling around at night. These are so soft that it cushions any smacking into the rails and they also keep her limbs from going between them. I love that they zip together because you can really accommodate wider rails. They stretch well. When baby makes a mess, they are super easy to remove and wash unlike a traditional tie on bumper. I love the peace of mind these give me since they can't smother baby. A must buy.-ALYLOO


"My daughter is 15 months old. When she sleeps in her crib she likes to sleep sideways with her head against the bars for some reason. I am always worried that when she moves around in her sleep she will bump her head. Or how uncomfortable it must be with her head against them. This product helped a great deal calm my worries. The liners are very soft and comfy. They fit perfectly around the bars. And they were very easy for me to put on. Took about ten minutes for me to cover all of the bars. They were nice and snug. And simple to apply by zipping them up. I also like the color and feel it adds a touch of color to the room. I would defiantly recommend if your child sleeps like mine or likes sticking there legs in between the bars."-BELLAMADISON


"Dear Go Mama Go Designs, I love your Vertical Liners! Thanks for creating such a great product. "-Amanda Weichers


"When I was younger, my best friend’s mother one month old baby. He somehow scooched his way up to the bumper and suffocated. One of our family-friends daughters used the crib bumper to climb out of her crib and fell and broke her arm. But thank God that’s all she broke, because it could have been worse. Now that I’m older and I now have two daughters and another baby on the way. Your Vertical Liners are a great product they’re all so nice, but the rainbow love is def my favorite. Thanks for the new-and-improved (cooler and more modern) version of the bumper!!"-Danielle


"Once my 6 months old really starts crawling I’m going to have to remove my bumper and the Pure Safety Liners are a great way to replace them. Thanks!"-Amanda


"I have never used the traditional bumpers and I will never use them. I don’t even recommend those breathable bumper things people talk about with those breathable ones you don’t get any kind of padding what so ever. Pure Safety Vertical Liners are the best of both worlds. You get something that is safe for your child which gets better air flow and you get padding so once they start moving about there not going to hurt themselves. There are so many other things to worry about think about I didn’t want to worry about my son sleeping and something bad happening. I don’t have to worry with the wonder bumpers I know he will be safe! Bottom line is I love them!"-Kellee K


"My 6 month old woke up this morning with his face up against our traditional crib bumper. I immediately removed it and starting searching online for a better solution. I intended to leave the crib bare but now that he’s moving around a lot I’d still like to protect his sensitive head from bonks in the night. These Vertical Liners are exactly what I’m looking for! In addition, there are so many styles that would match his current nursery color scheme. I’m so excited to find this product. Thank you! "-Lindsey


"I have a 8 and 9 yr old and had traditional bumpers for them. I couldn’t use them because they never seemed very secure in the crib – the ties just didn’t line up right with the sleigh style crib. I only had them because they came with the bedding set, but they ended up being taken off before the babies even used the crib. We had our third baby last year and again the bumpers came with the set but didn’t fit right in this crib either! Recently our daughter started standing in the crib and she now gets her legs stuck and screams. This has happened at least 6 times now. I was looking for something to put on the slats that would be safe and would make the space between them small enough so she wouldn’t be able to get stuck. I remembered the Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners from a baby magazine and searched until I found them. I ordered them today and hope that it will solve our problem. They are super cute too!! If it does solve the problem it will be a great selling feature because I know a lot of moms who have this same problem. Thank you for this great invention! "-Kristen


"The Vertical Liners are an awesome idea, and I can choose my design look because they are all reversible!"-Amanda


"For my first daughter, we used the traditional crib bumper. We never had an issue with her face being too close to it (although now, looking back on it, I think we were foolish to believe it to be safe). She did, however, attempt to use it as a climbing tool to get out of her crib once she was standing. So UNSAFE!! The second I realized that she was doing this, and could potentially fall out of her crib, and break her neck, legs, etc..we removed it, and had it repurposed into cute matching wall hangings for her room. This time around, I knew better than to put the traditional bumper in the baby’s crib. Since most bedding sets come with the bumper already, we did the same thing as last time, and had it repurposed into throw pillows for the rocking chair, and some wall hangings. I am wishing that we had something for the railings, though, since my daughter is so young, and still makes the “startle” motion with her arms and legs. She has already knocked her poor little knuckles on the wood. Pure Safety Liners seem like such an AMAZING middle ground, and I am so thrilled to see how safe they are!"-Bonnie


"I LOVE it! Vertical Liners make the blah crib look so much better!!!!"-Chanel Trussell


"I remember babysitting for a little girl who liked to sleep with her head buried under the bumper- definitely not safe. When I was pregnant with my first set of twins all the bumpers I liked were soft and fell after the first wash. My sister spent a fortune on a special bumper with removable covers that were hard foam that never lost shape. They were pretty but with twins who spit up a ton, getting the covers on and off were a royal nightmare. One of my son’s loved cuddling up to the bumper and I was scared of him bumping his head so I left it on. When my son was 10 months old he climbed out of his crib in the middle of the night and I thought we were being robbed when I heard him playing. Out came the bumpers. The nights that followed were filled with screams from bumped heads and arms and legs stuck between the rails. We bought the mesh bumpers but my son’s tore them. Finally we put on crib tents until they moved to beds. When my second set of twins arrived we received 2 new crib sets. The bumpers went it since they looked so pretty but changing the sheets were such a headache that we ditched those as well. My new little guy just outgrew his bassinet and HATES his crib. I guess he’s used to the nice cuddly bassinet with padding all around. I have no interest in dealing with bumpers again but Pure Safety Liners sound like a great solution, providing pretty and cozy protection that’s easy to clean and safe!"-Aura


"I LOVE the product and really need a set as my son keeps trying to climb out of his crib using a regular bumper, but he can't sleep without one or he bumps his head and wakes up. Wish more stores in Canada carried them!"-Marnie Delaney


"The nursery looks so great with them in the crib. I know we are going to be so pleased with how the keep our little guy safe. I was always so worried with the regular crib bumpers with my daughter."-Kristy Hood


"I am past the "crib bumper" stage but think this next generation crib bumper by Go Mama Go Designs sounds like a safe & stylish option for babies. The idea is that the Vertical Crib Liner will prevent injuries caused by crib rails and also help prevent SIDS. The Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liner, unlike other similar products, allow for better air circulation. And don't think even for a second that they are difficult to use, because the downward-pulling reversible zipper makes them a cinch to put on. Elegant and beautiful styles too! "-CLASSY MOMMY


"The Vertical Crib Liners are innovative, safe, easy to put on and take off, and really make the nursery sparkle. …rest assured the money is well spent since you will use the rails for the life of the crib and possibly a second child, rather than for only a few months as you would traditional tie-on panels. We can’t wait to decorate the nursery for the new-baby-on-the-way with Pure Safety Crib Liners!"-Mile High Mama Product, Robin M.


"GoMamaGoDesigns offers a compromise for parents who want the look and benefits of a bumper without worrying about the attendant-risks of traditional bumpers."-UPSCALE BABY


"Note to self: add Pure Safety Liners asap to myregistry.com baby shower gift list. Thanks for highlighting the safety the Vertical Liner solution for the crib."-Roxi


"Those Verical Liners are super duper cute! We also have the breathable mesh one, but it isn't nearly as cute as those Pure Safety Liners."-Jill


"My son has turned 7 months and is now too long for his crib horizontally. When he turns in the night, he is woken up as he bumps his head on the rails. Recently I put bumper pads back on his crib (I took them off when he was old enough to move around as it is a suffocation hazard/SIDS hazard). This seems to help the sleep issue, but he is inclined to grab and pull at them which makes me a little uncomfortable. I have found the solution to this problem...PURE SAFETY VERTICAL LINERS! They are individual crib rung padding that zipper down and fit snug on each bar. This allows good air flow and protection."-SAVING MOMMY MONEY


"I love Pure Safety Liners!"-Donna


"I really liked the creativity of the ladies that have invented the Pure Safety Vertical Liners and while visiting their site Go Mama Go Designs I saw these cute swaddling blankets too!"-Megan


"The Vertical Liners are the best solution to the hazards of the conventional crib bumper. They are the best invention I have ever seen. And what a better investment?! You can leave them on until they grow out of the crib or toddler bed."-Stephanie


"What a great idea!! They look so cute and so easy to put on.. no more wrestling with the traditional bumper just to wash a sheet. Ingenious! "-Casey


"I am anti-bumpers. I would rather deal with the fear of my child’s arm getting stuck in the crib slats or her banging her head than deal with the fear of her suffocating. However, when I put the Vertical Liners on my daughter’s crib, I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of being a solid piece that ties all the way around the crib, Pure Safety Liners are individual pads that go around every slat in the crib. This leaves open spaces between the slats for air to flow, but there isn’t enough room for an infant to get her arm stuck. Another plus is that there isn’t this big wad of material for an older baby to use to climb out of the crib. Lastly, they’re really cute and come in a wide range of colors and designs to work with many different nursery decors."-LITTLE ROCK MAMAS


"I absolutely love this blanket its the best swaddling blanket out there! My son is 5 months old and still loves to be swaddled! If he is not put in this blanket he doesn’t sleep very well at night. It’s a life saver!"-Shelby Bottorff


"Snug & Tug was the only swaddle blanket that kept my little ones secure and asleep."-Suzanne Turner


"I still use these swaddles now. A friend told me about them and now my son’s been sleeping so good. He's even given us about 10 days straight through the night for 10-12 hours!"-Jen and Brenda


"What great customer service, something that's lacking these days with other companies!"-Nina McPherson


"I was excited to find your product because my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to put padding on each individual crib slat. So I was surprised that someone had in fact figured out how to do it safely."-Jackie McFarlane


"There are so many debates over baby products today, but one of the biggest debates I continue to see is the use of baby bumpers in cribs. Typically they recommend a bumper that is not pillow like, but I had yet to find a bumper that was not pillow like until I came across Go Mama Go Designs and their awesome new bumper alternative. They call it Pure Safety Vertical Liners. Now when researching things for my kids, I always came across conflicting information about crib bumpers. Put them in, take them out, they cause SIDS, suffocation, etc. Needless to say by the time my oldest son was born we scrapped the bumper because I am still worried to death about SIDS and he is almost 3! Which is why when I saw this Vertical Liners product, I thought to myself… Ok, well why aren’t they more popular? Why haven’t I heard of them until now? Why isn’t this the #1 product moms are signing up for on their baby registry if they are planning on using a crib! It is a GENIUS idea! Look! It is clearly not your traditional bumper! They are basically covers for each individual bar for your crib, which in turn allows the air to flow between the crib bars, unlike traditional crib bumpers. Which helps to reduce the risk of SIDS. Another plus is as children get older, they can’t stand on these like traditional crib bumpers. I can tell you, as our children got older, and we put the bumper back into the crib when they were old enough to roll over and move around, we have caught a child or two trying to use it as a stepping stool to step right out of the crib."-Danielle Elwood, Momotics


"I have always been worried about the dangers of traditional bumper pads. The Verical Liner is the perfect solution to my worries. They are so cute and do the same job as a traditional crib bumper but with added safety. I can’t believe what a difference they make on a standard crib. They really make the room pop now! I found them super easy to put on. Simply wrap and zip. They never have to be removed and if I need to wash them I simply take them off and throw them in the washing machine. They provide protection for my sleeping little one, and they are also reversible. So when I want to change things up, I simply flip them around. This is great featire because you can use them for the next baby too! They have so many different patterns and colors."-Real Moms Real Reviews


"What great customer service, something that's lacking these days with other companies!"-Nina McPhearson


"The nursery looks so great with them in the crib. I know we are going to be so pleased with how the keep our little guy safe. I was always so worried with the regular crib bumpers with my daughter."-Kristy Hood


"My son Lincoln is 2 and a half. He would bump his head on the uncovered part of the crib slat and when he was big enough he would stand on the traditional crib bumper. Eventually by the time he was two he was able to climb the bumper and straddle the crib rail. I wanted something different for my daughter Sienna now 3 and a half months. "-Jackie McFarlane


"I am excited to try your bumpers. I discarded the bulky ones that we had made before my son was born, and purchased the "breathable bumper" in the interest of safety. It has proven very difficult to attach securely. My baby has been able to push it down and pull it loose starting at 5 months of age, and it does nothing to keep him from getting his limbs caught in the crib bars."-Angie Henning


"I really appreciate it your wonderful customer service. The Pure Safety Liners are amazing. My son slept through the night for the first time in weeks."-Paulette Ujimori


"Our baby started to bump his head on the crib bars, so we first tied foam there, but he would rip them off no mattter how tight we tied them, and then we found these Vertical Liners and they are awesome! So easy to use & very soft & attractive, too. And what a great company - I entered the wrong shipping address (lack of sleep will do that!) and didn't notice till I got the shipping tracking number, contacted them and they changed it right then & there, saving me a huge headache and possibly a lost shipment, and they did it with a smile, too! Great folks, would def buy from again & again...."-Nunizo Calce


"I would write a book on how wonderful the Snug & Tug Swaddling blanket works. I had one of these for Meredith and it literally saved my sanity!"-Mary Beth Myers


"My daughter is almost 2 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Her condition causes her to sometimes lose her balance when sitting, and would cause her to bump her head on her hard wooden crib rails. She also has limited mobility, and will sometimes get her legs or arms caught in the rails of her crib. I had been searching for a product that would give her the safety and comfort she needed, and also the piece of mind I needed for both of us to get a good nights sleep. I had called our doctor, local hospitals, local special needs organizations, and only to be told what I had already knew about, but didnt want to risk.. using the standard crib bumper, or as one nurse told me " just try to have someone rig something up for you, but then you risk being liable should anything happen!" Not a chance I'd like to take! I did alot of my own searching and came across your product. I believe I placed my order within 2 minutes of getting on your site! I knew right away that this was just what I had been looking.. rather desperately searching for! And as an added bonus, they were PRETTY and in Pink!! My order came within 3 days, and we couldn't wait to try them out! They were so easy to put on and fit great! My daughter loved the feel of them (which was another plus since she is really just learning to sit and reach for things,,this gives her something nice and soft to touch!) She immediately sat up in her new beautiful crib, looked around, reached out, lost her balance, but this time.. NO BUMP noise.. NO CRYING... A wonder indeed!! Your Vertical Liners are heaven sent and I can't thank you enough for coming up with such a great product! I love knowing that my daughter is safe now and that she will be in the future as we convert her to a bed, complete with Pure Safety Liners on the rails!! I will be spreading the word about your product to anyone I know and hope to save many more noggins like my daughters!!"-Rebecca McKerns


"I just wanted to tell you that your idea for the baby cribs is amazing. I wish it was available when my kids were little. I have a 14 year old and an almost 11 year old. My son Dalton was our middle child and he died at almost 3 months at the daycare center. The officer that did the investigation said he thought he smothered on the bumper pads. When we had our daughter I stopped using the bumper pads but did not have anything to use. It was difficult. I think you have given mothers the security of using a crib. There are many times when kids hit their heads on the rails and with your design it won't hurt them. Anyway, I just wanted to say I think it is really a great idea and as a mother who has lost a child, it is refreshing to see this product. My cousin just had a baby and I am buying her one as soon as she picks one out. The blankets are great too. So, thank you and take care."-Stacy Adair


"I hated the old fashioned bumper pads. My kids were crazy movers and I had to take them out by the time they were 4 months old because they would roll under them. This is ingenious!"-Melissa Silva


"My daughter slept in it last night for 8 hours. Yay!! I woke up at 4:00 expecting to hear her, but she kept on snoozing! Thanks again for a terrific product! I will be sure to mention your product to any expecting mommy!"-Stacie Palmer


"We are so happy with them and you guys were a pleasure to deal with. I suggested to Diapers.com that they carry your product. Once I learned of the dangers of regular bumpers I was relieved to find your product and we are very happy with it. They look great and were easy to put on. I'd be happy to recommend this product to anyone (and actually have to several of my friends)."-Abigail Shvartsman


"The instructions on the package were easy to follow. However, I found it even easier to view the online demonstration. A visual is so nice! I was not confused when trying to use the Snug & Tug. My son is a feisty one and has been swaddled since birth. Without a swaddle, my son would only calm for short periods of time."-Mama Tester


"I just wanted to thank you for getting us the liners and the blanket and pillow. They work great and my son no longer hits his head in the middle of the night. You guys have a great product and I so appreciate you working to get them taken care of for us. I just wanted to tell you we love them and my son thought they were really fun to play in too while I was putting them on(I enclosed the picture below). Thanks again."-Lindsey Hart


"The Snug & Tug is something that I would definitely recommend to a friend. It is very secure vs. a regular blanket swaddled that baby can break out of easily. It takes time to master a good swaddle with a regular blanket but the Snug and Tug makes you a swaddling pro within a few tries. This is something I myself would purchase as a gift for parents who have a baby with colic."-Mama Tester


"WOW! GO MAMA GO! What a cool product...and I've been thinking about having another baby. Now I've made up my mind."-Apryl Joy Coleman


"The Vertical Liners are one of our best pieces in the showroom...the customers are fascinated by the designs and love the ideas."-Marina Feldman, store owner of GOZIAHOME in Philadelphia, P


"The Snug & Tug is beautiful; the patterns are really colorful and vibrant and the fabric is super soft. The Snug & Tug is very well made and stitched beautifully. You can really feel that lots of love went into making these."-Mama Tester


"My first son had sleep apnea and we lived through it for about seven months. I keep his cribs bare, I wish I had Pure Safety Crib Liners then. Now a second time mom, we are taking precautions with my new son, apnea monitor, just in case and a beautiful Safari Liners."-Krissy at www.barefootmommies.com


"Our son broke out of the traditional receiving blankets in no time flat, then we used Snug & Tug. Truly a miracle! For the first time since birth he slept for 4 hrs, even more miraculous, after he ate I rewrapped him and he stayed calm and fell back to sleep for another ent shower gift. I am a true believer in the Snug & Tug, I don't know what I would do without it."-Jamie MacLain, true believing mama


"I had no problems whatsoever getting them on the crib and found myself extremely grateful that, due to the fact that they do not cover the entire bottom protion of the bed, I was able to simply peek in the room to check on the sleeping babe rather than having to walk all the way to the bed and risk the chance of waking him. Since putting him to sleep took forever."-www.theonlythingiknow.com


"A must for all new mothers. Snug and Tug swaddling blanket truly helps to simulate the mother's womb. Babies sleep 2x longer in the Snug & Tug than in regular receiving blankets. Trust me, I used it on my own grandchildren and they all loved it!"-Mary K. Boike, mama, grandma and nurse RN. BSN

"I had no problems whatsoever getting them on the crib and found myself extremely grateful that, due to the fact that they do not cover the entire bottom protion of the bed, I was able to simply peek in the room to check on the sleeping babe rather than having to walk all the way to the bed and risk the chance of waking him. Since putting him to sleep took forever."


"I have given several of the Snug & Tug blankets as gifts to new mommies. After receiving the blanket, all of the mommies have thanked me over and over and wanted to know where they can buy more! The Snug & Tug is the perfect gift for any mom...especially those longing for sleep!"-Amie Prendes, sleep gifter mama


"I no longer hear him [my son] bumping around at night and he sleeps through the night 100% of the time, whereas without the Pure Safety Liners, it was around 70%. I am not even kidding."- suburbanturmoilreviews.blogspot.com


"I was so happy to find a company who sold a swaddling blanket for older babies with a really cute design AND who ships to Canada! My son is my third child and I have never had a baby who slept so well!!"Catherine Gouveia, international mama


"The idea behind this product is simple. With individuals liner which attach to each bar of the crib, the product provides cushioning for mobile infants while allowing airflow to circulate. This design also has the added benefit of allowing curious little ones to get a better look at the world outside the crib."-www.upscalebaby.com


"We absolutely love the Snug and Tug. Our daughter sleeps through the night consistently. We cannot make it without her being swaddled tight. I was so happy to hear you make a larger size!"-Tricia Brady, doctor and stress free mama


"Pure Safety Vertical Liners take the traditional horizontal crib bumper and turn it on it's side, literally! The vertical bumper wraps tightly around each individual crib rail, increasing airflow and inhibiting babies from escaping the crib! The concealed reversible zipper eliminates the need for ties, eliminating a potential choking hazard... Pure Safety Vertical Liners can even stay on the rails long after you convert your crib into a toddler bed!"-www.5minutesforgiveaways.com


"Dr. Dave Geller, a Bedford pediatrician, called the Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners, “one of those ‘a-ha!’ products” because they’re simple and easy to use, and he doesn’t understand why typical crib bumper manufacturers haven’t come out with them yet."-Boston Herald


"Our son really enjoys being swaddled and is sleeping longer already in the Snug & Tug."-Linda Waggoner, ER nurse and happy mama


"The Pure Safety Vertical Liners, unlike other similar products, allow for better air circulation. And don't think even for a second that they are difficult to use, because the downward-pulling reversible zipper makes them a cinch to put on. Elegant and beautiful styles too!"-www.classymommy.com


"You are my new hero!!!! I finally got her to sleep in her crib! I fed her and changed her about 10 last night, then I snuggled her up and she slept until I woke up at 3:30! Then fed and changed her again and snuggled her up and she woke me up about 9. It's a miracle!!! Thank you so much!"-Tammy, rescued mama


"If you've been fretting whether or not it's time to remove your child's bumper for safety reasons, now you have one less thing to worry about. Verical Liners will work in your crib for as long as your child sleeps in one."-Pamela Brill, www.talkingwalnut.com


"Our son was not sleeping until we used your blanket. The first night we used it, he slept through the night. I wouldn't have been able to get up and go to work without it."-Tamara, hard-working mama


"You can create a safe sleep environment with Pure Safety Crib Liners."-Fosy the magazine


"You probably have a million blankets, we all do, but for me this one has been the BEST!! And it is cool too, love the retro dots! My little "Houdini" can't wiggle out of this one and he loves it! I swear it is the only reason I have gotten ANY sleep!"-Lex, well rested mama


"I did my research and found this better version of the miracle blanket. Swaddling will change your life!"-Jess, happy mama


"I was skeptical that this wrap would work on my Houdini but purchased Snug&Tug, the HBB Book and white noise CD. THE FIRST NIGHT HE WOKE ONLY ONCE! I have 4 mo. old twins and one seemed to have some sensory difficulties-Snug&Tug with the white noise worked wonders! Now he wakes once throughout the night and is happier upon waking. We are a happier and more rested family thanks to Snug&Tug and can't thank you enough for the tools that brought sanity back into our home."-Kerry mama of Tanner and Owen


"We cannot live without Snug & Tug. My little girl CANNOT sleep without it. It is a truly amazing product! I noticed the wonderful quality right off, it's very easy to use and my little girl loved it! We ordered the large size and we will get tons of use out of it because it is so big! I really need to order a second one so that when one is washing, we can use the other. I wish I would have known about this product sooner. Thanks so much for an outstanding product!"-Crystal, mama of Sarah and Anne


"I love this blanket -- it's super easy to use. I used to leave the swaddling up to my wife, but since using Snug & Tug, I can swaddle as good as she can. Even the grandparents swaddle when they babysit. Now everyone's an expert!!"-Bobby, daddy of Brenna and Jessica


"What a great product! Snug and Tug is the only wrap my little Houdini can't get out of. Now we can enjoy our daughter with less exhaustion. Great job!"-Lisa, mama of Sierra


"What a difference a swaddling blanket makes! I used receiving blankets for my previous children, but they always broke free, leaving me frustrated and giving up. Snug & Tug's full body pouch allows him to wiggle all he wants without breaking loose which equals to better sleep for everyone!"-Cathy, mama of Tari, Sidney and Tristan


"Snug & Tug is the best shower gift I received. My daughter is super comfortable and already sleeping through the night, she absolutely loves it. What a great design!"-Justine, mama of Breanne

"When I swaddle my 2 month old son with Snug & Tug, he knows it's time to sleep. I now can put him to bed at 8:00 and enjoy a relaxing evening. This blanket is a keepsake. I'll make sure my children have it for their children."-Georgia, mama of Sebastian and Skylar


"Swaddling is very important for newborns. I'd like to see all my new parents use Snug & Tug, as it's the easiest, yet most reliable, way to help your baby to sleep through the night."-Melinda Holliday, pediatrician


"Snug & Tug is awesome, I have 20 receiving blankets and my daughter would wiggle out of all of them! She does not bust loose and wake herself up in this blanket and now sleeps for 8 straight hours (of course it's from 8-4, but I'll take it!)."-Kara, mama of Abigail


"What an amazing blanket! I can't tell you how much I wish I had that for the other two. It's been invaluable to us in getting at least a semblance of a night's sleep!! Snug & Tug keeps him wrapped in a little cocoon better than any other swaddling blanket."-Joel, daddy of Ryan, Griffin and Shane


"My husband truly believes it's a godsend! After weeks of sleepless nights, we used Snug & Tug and our 5 week old daughter slept through the night - for 7 1/2 hours! We absolutely swear by it and will recommend Snug & Tug to everyone we know."-Diana, mama of Maxine


"I love this blanket and so does my son, who sleeps longer than ever before! It was easy to use, and he actually stayed swaddled. Snug & Tug is not just good for the child, but for the mom, too. I am really happy...I finally feel well rested and have the energy to be the mother I want to be"
Vibeke Svensson, mama of Christopher and Victoria


"Snug & Tug truly is the gift of sleep. We started using it when our daughter was 6 weeks after we had tried everything else, once we put her in Snug & Tug she immediately slept longer, now at 12 weeks she is sleeping through the night!"-Tom, Taddy of Abby


"I wish I had these awesome blankets when my children were little! They make perfect gifts"-Judy Dobin, mama of Diana, Danielle